Living In Truth:
Archaeology and the Patriarchs

2nd Edition

by: Charles N. Pope

Parallel between the Hebrew record (Bible) and evidence from Egyptology

Copyright 1999-2004, 2016 by Charles Pope
United States Library of Congress. All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions.

Part I - Early Egyptian History

Chapter 1 "Sons of a Greater Goddess"
(Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel)
Chapter 2 "The Fair Daughters of Godly Men"
(Patriarch Enoch)
Chapter 3 "In Love and War"
(Patriarchs Irad, Mehujael, Mehushael and Lamech)
Chapter 4 "Deadly Drought, Fatal Flood"
(Noah to Nimrod)
Chapter 5 "Biblical Dark Ages"
(From Nimrod to Sargon)
Chapter 6 "God is One God"
(Origins of Biblical Jehovah in the Egyptian Religion of Amen)
Chapter 7 "A Sceptre Shall Rise"
(The Genesis of Israel)
Chapter 8 "The Fullness of Time"
(The Dual Identities of Joseph, Moses and Joshua)
Chapter 9 "Right in Their Own Eyes"
(Perspectives on the United Kingdom of David and Solomon Overview of Chapters 10 through 15)
Chapter 10 "Contending with the Almighty"
(The Fall of 1st Dynasty Babylon and Rise of the Egyptian New Kingdom}
Chapter 11 "All My Will"
(The Rise and Fall of King Saul)
Chapter 12 "At the Side of My Father"
The Birth and Succession of Pharaoh Thutmose III (Covenant of Isaac)
Chapter 13 "The Day of Reckoning"
Djehuty: Early 18th Dynasty Priest, King, General, Viceroy, Scribe and Treasurer (The Egyptian name and titles of Abraham)
Chapter 14 "Brave Among Men"
(The Female Pharaoh Hatshepsut)
Chapter 15 "A Shepherd They Withheld"
New Kingdom Egypt is Centralized under Amenhotep II and his sons Thutmose IV and Yuya
Chapter 16 "Surest Signs of Piety"
(Comparisons between Pharaoh Akhenaten, Biblical Moses and Greek Oedipus)
Charts for Part I

Part II - Amarna Period

Chapter 17 "Beast of Burden"
(The Role of the 22nd Dynasty in New Kingdom Egypt)
Chapter 18 "Wars and Rumors of Wars"
(Conflict in the Reign of Amenhotep III)
Chapter 19 "I Now Abandon You to Shishak"
(The Campaign Mural of Sheshonq at Karnak)
Images Chapter 19 Reference Pictures
Chapter 20 "Evil More Than All Before"
(Israel During the Amarna Period)
Chapter 21 "The Wrath of the Lord is upon You"
(The Suppression of Amen by Akhenaten)
Chapter 22 "A Jealous God"
(Tiye, Queen of Egypt, Queen of Exodus)
Chapter 23 "Mine Own Familiar Friend"
(Panehesy: Nemesis of Akhenaten)
Chapter 24 "An Everlasting Priesthood"
(Panehesy as the New Kingdom Phinehas)
Chapter 25 "No Better than My Ancestors"
(Smenkhare, Beloved of Akhenaten)
Chapter 26 "A Double Portion"
(Smenkhare Prepares the Way for Tutankhamun)
Chapter 27 "Go in Peace"
(The Restoration of Tutankhamun)
Charts for Part II

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