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Author Topic: Twisted History (Heading West of Eden)  (Read 1580 times)
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« on: August 11, 2017, 06:50:33 PM »

This blog series contains excerpts from "A Twisted History: Genesis and the Cosmos" -

Our sun almost certainly originated within an open star cluster called Messier 67 (M67).  Curiously enough, M67 is located to the East of our present location in the constellation of Cancer.  More specifically, it is on the foot of Cancer that crushes the head of the adjacent constellation Hydra the serpent.
<img width="550" height="450" src="http://reductionism.net.seanic.net/CCD_TE/m67_0509_f24f8_360C5.jpg">
Image: “A Serpent (Hydra) Under the Foot (M67) of Cancer”
Credit/Source: Bruce L. Gary,  http://reductionism.net.seanic.net/CCD_TE/cte.html#M67%20Calibration

The stars of M67 are closest in age to our sun than any other group in the galaxy, and also uniquely similar in spectral characteristics.  88 stars in the M67 cluster have been studied in some detail over a period of many years.  One is even billed as a near duplicate of our own sun in terms of age, mass and chemical composition.  It also has a planet.


Based on the most recent estimates, our sun may have been among the first stars of its generation to be birthed in the M67 cluster.  It would also have been one of the first to leave.  The Earth is now 2,500 light-years distant from the “Garden of Eden” in M67.  It was clearly expelled with considerable force.  And, of course, there is no turning back! To have remained in the cluster would have just as certainly led to violent and repeated destruction.  There is evidence that a nearby supernova explosion occurred within the first million years of our solar system’s existence, and within a distance of only about two light-years away.  This explosion injected radioactive material into our emerging planetary system, which has now been detected through isotope analysis of the oldest meteorites that have fallen to Earth.

The Allende Meteorite:

Stars greater than about 1.4 times the mass of our sun “go supernova” and their collapsing cores turn into neutron stars which can produce pulsars that emit focused beams of radioactive material like “flaming swords that flash back and forth.”  The Genesis narrative indicates that at least one neutron star (or even a black hole) was responsible for creating a hostile local neighborhood for our early solar system. Red giant stars (“cherubim”) would also have jeopardized the safety of our young solar system by threatening to go supernova or with their cosmic ”ram butting” (a connotation of the Hebrew word cherub).

<img width="550" height="450" src="http://astronoteen.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Neutron-Stars-Reveal-Their-Secrets-For-The-First-Time-2.jpg">
Image: “Flaming, Flashing Sword of a Neutron Star”
Credit: NASA

The explanation for our eviction given in Genesis is that Eve partook of forbidden fruit (knowledge of “good and evil”) and gave it to Adam.  In cosmological terms, the gas-giant planet (Jupiter) of Adam’s solar system captured a planet (Saturn) from the opposite (“serpent”) solar system and presented it as a gift to Adam.  Our solar system was a binary (“dual”) solar system, however it was not one that remained that way, but merged somewhat catastrophically into a monolithic solar system.  One system cannibalized the other, and was actually “tempted” to do so.  

It is the “serpent” who is said to have accosted Eve.  Within a crowded nebula of expanding red giant planets, exploding supernovae, and concomitant white dwarfs, the young suns were driven into closer contact with one another and this inevitably led to “enmity.” It wasn’t the serpent’s fault, per se, but he took the fall, so to speak.  Consistent with this, the serpent is depicted, not as guarding his fruit, but actually trying to give it away.  In time, the same bullies that pushed the twin suns together also forced them apart and sent our solar system hurtling into the unknown.

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