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Author Topic: Heroes of the Hellenistic Age  (Read 4081 times)
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Heroes of the Hellenistic Age:  Ptolemy II, Hannibal, Judas Maccabee and Gaius Marius

© 2016 Charles N. Pope
United States Library of Congress

All United States and International rights reserved.

Quotations from the writings of Josephus are from:  The Complete Works of Josephus, William Whiston translation, Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, MI

The sequel to: Alexander the Great: Beyond the Divide

The prequel to: Jesus Among the Julio-Claudians


Alexander the Great had two royal sons and their descendants became the dynasts of the Ptolemaic/Seleucid Period, which is the main reason that Alexander is still so venerated today.  There is also a direct line of descent from Alexander to Julius Caesar, which is why Caesar emulated Alexander so closely and why Caesar himself became so venerated.  The specific princes that represented the "scarlet thread" of Messianic kingship during the Ptolemaic Age happen to also be the most celebrated figures of that intervening period between Alexander and Caesar.  This is not at all coincidental.  Ancient historians were obliged to honor the direct ancestors of the royal family above all others.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Hephaestion, Ptolemy, Agathocles and Demetrius Poliorcetes

Chapter 2: The Ghost of Alexander Goes to Rome (Appius Claudius Caecus)
Chapter 3: Antigonus and Epigonus, Alexander's Dynasty within a Dynasty
Chapter 4: The Ptolemaic Joseph
Chapter 5: Alexander’s Empire in India
Chapter 6: The Amarna Revival
Chapter 7: Prince Alexander, Hannibal and Aemilius Paullus
Chapter 8: The Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus (Flamininus)
Chapter 9: Alexander the Great's Dynasty in China
Chapter 10: Judas Maccabee, Savior of Saviors
Chapter 11: The Ptolemies and the Jews

Chapter 12: High Priests Jonathan, Simon II, John Hyrcanus & Jannaeus
Chapter 13: Alexander Jannaeus, Ptolemy X Alexander and Gaius Marius
Chapter 14: The Death of Sulla and Rise of Pompey & Caesar
Chapter 15: China II

Appendix 1 (Chronology of the Ptolemaic Period)
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