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Title: Islam is Born Amidst Christian Theological Dispute
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Comment on the association between Byzantine Emperor Heraclius and the Prophet Muhammad: ( (

Heraclius, native of Armenia, the Birthplace of Revealed Religions and Re-Conquests: (

Emperor Heraclius (a.k.a. Muhammad) was heavily indebted to Byzantine priests (who helped financed his rise to power) and wanted to wipe out that debt (as King Philip of France would later dissolve his debt with the Templars).  Heraclius was also frustrated with petty theological division in the Christian Church and the Church's rejection of his attempts to mediate the disputes.  Therefore, he wanted to convert Constantinople to Islam.  The royal women, however, would not have it!  Shakespeare later spilled the beans on the "two-timing" Byzantine royal family:;id=13370;id=13372;id=13373;id=13367;id=13366;id=13340;id=13427;id=13321;id=13515