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Ancient Egyptian culture still alive today?

Posted By: Jerod
Date: Wednesday, 16 October 2002, at 11:24 a.m.

I've been reading Exiled Egyptians by Moustafa Gadalla. In it, he suggests that many ancient Egyptians fled into different regions of Africa after the countless invasions, and brought their traditions to these places. He cites explosions in foreign populations in many of these areas (like the Sudan and West Africa), followed by many great technological advances around the time many Egyptians fled Egypt. He noted that the academic community does not accept that these foreigners were Egyptians, even though there are strong similarities with our ancient friends, such as a matrilinial society, agricultural advances, extreme wealth and the technology to support large populations. It is a very interesting read.

One thing that I'm particularly curious about right now is Gadalla's claim that Ancient Egyptian culture is still alive today in Egypt. He cites historic evidence that the Egyptians did not willingly accept the ways of their foreign invaders (Greek, Roman, Muslim etc) and revolted on a regular basis. These revolts were only successfully suppressed by the Muslims. As a result, many Egyptians basically pretended to adopt Islamic ways and, through secret societies, retained their ancient culture. He says that we need only too look at the people in remote areas of Egypt where Muslim influence wasn't as strong to find traces of the ancient language, culture, etc.

I've been trying to find groups of people claiming to be descended from Pharaonic Egpyt. So far I've found only one group in Europe claiming to be descended from ancient Egypt. They claim to be the descendants of Egyptians sent on a mining mission of a few thousand people from Egypt to Europe over 3000 years ago.

I wonder if anyone has ever done any research on modern Egyptian (or anywhere else for that matter) people that may have retained traces of the Pharaonic past. Does anyone have any more info on this topic?

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