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Gents and Ladies,

When I posted my reference to Vespasian being the potential Father in a historical sense, I was attempting to provoke a reaction but was also incorrect in who the likely Emperor was. The provocative part was positioning Vespasian as Jeshua Aristobulus' brother-in-law, as that's the role he plays in my book The First Messiah, but by utilizing dramatic fiction I am allowed some artistic license and may have compressed two generations into one, or three into two, to keep the story flowing.

In any case, the error was identifying an Emperor who lived after Aristobulus Jeshua, whose life may have ended during the Idumaean uprising in 62. The "Father" from a historical perspective would then have been the infamous Nero, who did grant Jeshua many lands and a Kingship. From a literary perspective, much of the NT is set fifteen to thirty years earlier than it happened, so the reference intended in the story would be to an even earlier Emperor, perhaps Augustus.

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