Issus, Cephissus,, Crimissus, etc.
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Charles, with your permission?

Eddie, you are most correct! If one takes a look at numerous battles of the past (ancient past) you will readily see numerous co-incidental? similarities! Thus battles supposedly fought by Alexander or Sulla or Hannibal or Caesar etc., with similar sized armies, upon the same ground, and with the same results! Similarites also exist within the names of the places or nearby rivers, etc., such as Issus, Cephissus, Crimissus, etc.

The same thing exists for many of the naval battles. Certainly it seems the great victories attributed to Alexander contain the most phantom duplicates, the taking of the "baggage trains" or "Lagers", the swift movement of one side of the troops, the unexpected flooding or river embankments, the desertion of certain troops, etc., seem to permeate Alexander's accomplishments to a great degree, when compared to other battles that occured hundreds of years apart!

If you want to see some specific examples, maybe you will be willing to read;

Certainly, if one were to do more research more examples would likely be found.

I just do not believe that old statement "History tends to repeat itself!" It is the writers of history who have repeated certain stories, with differing heros, kings, etc., ad infinitum that has caused this problem.