Who was interested in the miraculous? *LINK*

On another site, there is a post which asks that if you take away the miraculous from Acts, does anything that is left contradict known history?

The answer to that question might better be found on this site. It might be true that the supernatural miracles of Acts are themselves clues as to who was the main character in Acts.

Who contributed a large amount of material to Pliny's Natural History concerning the miraculous and the fantastic on the religious front? ("...Munzer further points out that...the description of the temple Erythreia, a city which lay in the route of __________, must be referred to this author; 'It has all the characteristic signs: personal observation and interest in the miraculous.' ")

Who would have most naturally had a vision on the Road to Damascus? This is not a trivial exercise - the answer is not "Anyone". Only a Royal or someone affiliated with Royals would qualify. Who?

In a similar vein, "Paul" appeals to Caesar at the end of Acts. If every Roman Citizen had that right to a direct appeal to Caesar, a Tiberius would not have had time at his playhouse for fun 'n games. We know another who had this "right" and that was one Nicholas of Damascus who lived and died several generations earlier. What kind of person could pull off a direct appeal to Caesar?

Paul lived in Rome for 2 years. This person is last listed as a Suffect and is not listed into the reigns of Titus and Domitian.

Speaking of Vespasian, Atwill says that "kicking against the goads/pricks is really a joke about kicking against the stings, a joke on Vespasian's name.

Another joke (Found this one today). Our subject is belittled by being called a "seed picker". What would a seed picker mean as a pejorative? Why would a comparison between our subject and one of the Flavians lead to this phrase?

Finally, who had a feud with Vespasian while Governor of Syria with Vespasian being in Judaea, only to be brought together - "On the Road to Damascus" - by Titus?

Did you know it was Mucianus?

Almost there, CP, almost there.


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