If the Glass Fits ...
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I hadn't heard that variation on the half-full, half-empty "philosophy"!

Yes, engineers have a warped sense of humor and priorities, and as Murphy explained, engineers are "optimists". We absolutely positively believe that things are either already screwed up or will be shortly. But fortunately we aren't discouraged very much by criticism and failure. If we get irritable, usually it's because someone or something is hindering us from "the project".

I look at DomainOfMan in that way. I'm the chief engineer and we have already built something very specific. People come in and want to start doing stuff without even putting on a hard hat. They want to contribute without finding out what help is needed, or taking any instruction and studying the on-line book, which basically provides the pattern for all new extensions we've taken on. I try not to take it personally, but I do say, "get the hell off the construction site before somebody gets hurt".