The Guardians of Aten
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Your statement that “Israel and the 12 tribes were in fact originally associated with Egypt” but perhaps more concentrated in northern Egypt where the Middle Kingdom pyramids were being constructed” GOT me to thinking about ZION.

After reviewing old post, I have concluded that Zion/Sion (a dual to two main hills) is actually Abydos the city that occupied the valley from one mountain to the other whose inhabitants worshipped the sky God Anhuri or rather the two twin gods.

This red god (the god of both horizons) was said to make justice visible in the Cult of Osiris.

As you know, Abydos is home to the temple of Seti I and the temple of the red headed Ramese II.

Behind the temple of Seti I we find the “Osirian Reliquary” and the area dealing with death and resurrection of Osiris.(Forerunner to Jesus)

Some say that this reliquary contained the head of Osiris and other relics.

The Ark of the Covenant was built on the accord of Moses and contained sacred Israelite pieces. Do we have a match going on here?

It appears that the twin city to Zion was none other than Jerusalem. Could this be Thinis?

A little beyond Abydos is the interesting grave of King Den one of Egypt’s first kings.

If you compare the Abydos King List

Den could very well have been Men!

To get a better perception of the landscape look at it on Google Earth.

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