"It's All Good"
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I've made my living in technology and engineering. That's a world where smart, honest, hard-working people try to build things that help people and make our lives easier and better. You can say that engineers are boring, but they are rarely ever mentioned in the same breath as lawyers. For an engineer, everything is basically good, at least once the principles of physics have been duly obeyed and the product is working as intended. Of course, if the device is a "death ray machine", then we might reasonably call it evil.

I think the idea of "good and evil" originally stems from the polarities of order and chaos in the Universe. Both are apparently necessary to achieve the beauty and complexity of a place like Earth. Again, thinking like an engineer, the amount of stability in society is not so much a matter of good and evil but a trade-off. One extreme is tyranny, the other anarchy. We need to stay somewhere in the "happy medium", but the exact operating point is a choice and not a moral absolute. The more structure, the less personal freedom and opportunity to fail and excel.

And, yes, this is probably a pointless discussion, because engineers will never care enough about politics to "rule the world".

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