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Wow, your last post could be the DomainOfMan Creed" with a few exceptions!

Akhenaten, if the Greek memory of him serves us well, was put to pasture in the reign of Tut and quietly wasted away from the diseases that seemed to be killing everybody else. Who knows, maybe it was too much Aten radiation.

Tiye, as the mother of Tut, remained sacrosanct, but only up until the point when it became obvious that Tut was terminally ill and plans were drawn up for Tut's "mercy killing". According to the Biblical account Tiye (Athaliah) was cut down in public and with impunity by the chief priest (Zechariah). Of course, there could be a wee bit extra drama in the biblical narrative.

Israel and the 12 tribes were in fact originally associated with Egypt and a particular succession of twelve kings beginning with Sargon/Inyotef of the 11th Dynasty. The twelve tribes would have been distributed more-or-less throughout Egypt prior to the "Exodus" at the end of the Middle Kingdom (12th Dynasty), but perhaps more concentrated in northern Egypt where the Middle Kingdom pyramids were being constructed.

I was initially taken aback by Zahi Hawass when he first took over the Antiquites of Egypt. My opinion has softened considerably since then. I respect many of the things he is doing. I certainly understand any cultural paranoia he may have of Israel, and I'm actually surprised that it isn't stronger. He knows Ahmed Osman quite well, and I believe that he also has the highest regard for him. DNA analysis will not in itself prove anything, however Zahi Hawass has admirably reversed his policy on such testing and is now actively pursuing it.

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