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To some degree you could call me an “Atonist” in 600 BC.

I have one interest and one interest only and that is Akhenaten and his expanded family.

I agree that Akhenaten was Moses II and that Tut was Yehoshua II (Jesus II).

I agree that the “One Eyed” bust represents Tut’s mother and is not Nefertiti.

“Elder Lady” was still alive when Tut died and lived a good 10-15 years after.

I agree that “Israel” was located in Egypt (most likely southern) and was related to followers of the “Ra the Sun”.

It appears that Meritaton (Mary) had a relationship with her father when she was 12 years old. Common law never applies to the Royal Family.

Akhenaten, it seems, did not die in year 17 because if he did; then he would be the skull that Zahi Hawass wants to be Akhenaten; blowing away the Smenkhkara idea.

Akhenaten most likely lived to be 60 to 70 years old and could have cared less about world affairs.

As odd as it may seem, doctor Hawass received his degree in Pennsylvania and has an ego greater than the “Liberty Bell”.

Why so much secret stuff, why withhold DNA results, why prevent future investigative research? Does this “old boy”, know something?

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