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You said that you did not recall the rational why the one-eyed bust was identified with Nefertiti.

This made me to wondering why we never hear mention of the fact that the woman portrayed in the bust was one-eyed. The omission of the left eye was not a mistake and the body of “Elder Lady” is proof of this.

It appears that Redford’s date of 627 BC is somewhat correct for “Amenhotep son of Hapu” and the 18th dynasty. (Why has this been overlooked)?

So who was this “Meret-neit” with the eye ailment? Was she Mary-Amon the oldest daughter of Akhenaten? Was she Tiye?

Your charts show 627 BC to be the time of Amenhotep III and several BYU professors shows that mummy Usermontu dating to 600 BC.;read=3068

One eyed “Elder Woman” seems to be the mother of Tut! (If not...Who is she?)

The mother of Jesus was named Mary and the wife of Jesus was named Mary.

Originally you were calling Tut = Jesus II. Did you change your mind and if you did…why?

Also...the lady next to "Elder Lady" seems to be her sister and former wife of Tut. Could the young boy be Thutmose V?

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