"Mother of the Son of God!"
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I find this extremely exciting. Queen Tiye married to her (somewhat) brother Aye.

Like yourself, I have always felt that Tiye was the mother of Tut but when Diane offered the third wife Mery-amon/Meritaten as possible mother of King Tut well…humm!

Notice how we never see images of Tut among the six daughters of Nefertiti!

Please correct me but wasn’t Meritaten the oldest daughter and was she not listed as a minor wife of Akhenaten?

Is it mathematically possible for this to have happen? I understand that girls in Portland Maine get pregnant at 14 years old! If so…then Tut could have been born by year 17 and explain why we do not see much of his childhood.

No matter how you work this out, it is easy to see how one could acquire the title “Son of God”.

My mother was my grandmother’s daughter and my father was my other grandmother’s son. My father’s mother was my grandmother’s sister’s father’s!!! Boink.

PS:Wasn't the mother of God called Mary? Could Mery = Mary?

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