Standards of the Age
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"In all fairness" to former despots, civilization has to crawl before it can walk and run. I don't think there was much of a "fear factor" with respect to being overthrown by the masses. The main concern was the ambition of other royals.

We are now in a transitional phase from kingship to something else. But what is that something else? It still seems like a survival of the fittest scenario in which members of the royal family have been replaced by corporations and trusts. Is there a difference between a coalition and a conspiracy? That is a rhetorical question. No need to reply.

I don't like to look at the world any more in terms of good and evil. If we are going to make a better world, we need to characterize it in terms of causes and effects, forces and reactions, etc. If we can't cure a virus (such as the common cold or corporate globalism), we'll have to learn to cope with it.

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