The Bust of Tiye?
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Very interesting. I don't recall the rationale for identifying the bust with Nefertiti. I did pick up Joan Fletcher's book on Nefertiti awhile back, but haven't read it yet. I only saw the TV documentary. Might it also be possible that the famous bust was actually made for Queen Tiye? Alternately, can we rule out the possibility that mother and daughter suffered from a similar/same ailment.

I have also concluded that Nefertiti was the daughter of Aye and Queen Tiye. The wife of Aye is called Tey by Egyptologists, but the spelling difference is only used to avoid confusion. Tey and Tiye are actually written the same way. Egyptologists do not consider the possibility that Queen Tiye had children by any other men than Amenhotep III.

I also concluded that Aye was only the adopted son of Yuya. His biological father was Thutmose IV.

Akhenaten was in fact closely related to Ramses II. Horemheb was likely the son of Tuya (Mut-Tuya).

See Chapter 30 of the on-line book:

Akhenaten was the grandson of this same Tuya. Ramses II was the son of another queen named Tuya, but this must have been a later woman that went by the same name/title.

R.E. Brammer ("El REB") proposed that Amenhotep son of Hapu was actually the Vizier Amenhotep. That is most certainly correct and both can be further associated with Queen Tiye's brother Aanen.

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