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Diane this may be hard to follow but you are close:

Donald Redford (Egypt, Canaan, and Israel) on page 445, said that Meret-neit, in the year 627 BC, besought the divine healer "Amenophis son of Hapu, to release her from her eye ailment.

Amenophis son of Hapu held office under Amenhotep III and may have committed suicide (according to Ramose) because of Akhenaten.

Mery/Meret/Mary was missing a Left eye.

The bust called "Nefertiti" was missing a Left eye.

In the tomb of ? (Amen II), they found three bodies, two females and one male. The Elder female called "Ty/Ti/Tye" or unknown, was missing a left eye!

Who ever she was, she was not Nefertiti!

In the valley of the Queens, QV 80 was the tomb of Tuya; QV 66 was the tomb of Nefertari, and QV 68 was the tomb of Merytamun.

In year 21 of Ra-Moses II, Nefertari was replaced by Merytamun. per Alberto Siliotti; yet Philipp Vandenberg, (Nefertiti), tells a story that, Akhenaten in year 12, displaces Nefertiti, with his daughter, Meritamun.

Immanuel Velikovsky, in Oedipus and Akhnaton, tells the story that Ay, was the son of Yuya and Tuya and brother of Tiy. Later, C Aldred who wrote "The End of the el-Amarna Period", states that Lady Nefertiti, was the daughter of Ay.

This Amenophis son of Hapu, was the same person as Amenhotep son of Hapu, and that Meret-neit, was Meritamun (aten). The bust of Nefertiti, with the missing left eye, was really Meritaten, the daughter of Akhnaton.

Forget about the year 627 BC for a while, but Akhenaten (Moses II), was related to Ramses II, the Great. They may have been half-brothers?

Ay was "the Master of the Horse" and the word "Hyksos" means Horse-breeders.

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