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Tut had two "wives": his step-mother Queen Nefertiti (no issue)
and his "true love" half-sister Ankhesenpa-aten (no issue).

Tut's biological mother, Kiya (Mery-khipa/Mery-amon/Merit/Tadu-khipa), Princess of Mitanni was cousin to Nefertiti (Nofretete), Mitanni Princess; "The Beautiful one has come".

Nefertiti was the biological mother to Ankhesenpa-aten (Ankhesenaten/Ankhesenamun); "May she live for the Aten" by Tut's father, Akhen-aten.

Nefertiti was the great-great-great granddaughter of Nahor II (Zur/Zohar/Caleb II/Paratarna), King of Nahrin/Mitanni and his wife, niece Michal (Milcah).

Kiya was the daughter of King Tushratta, brother to Gilukhipa, Princess of Mitanni and mother of Nefertiti.

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