On Friday, Dr. Zahi Hawass, the “Secretary General” of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), meet with Ambassador Mona Seoudy, the Assistant of the “Minister of Foreign Affairs” for cultural affairs, in order to discuss Queen Nefertiti's bust now exhibited in the Berlin Museum.

Culture Minister Farouk Hosni and Ahmed Abul Ghelt came to the agreement that the BUST and the mummy “Elder Lady” were “One and the Same” and also the mother of King Tut.

The meeting came in the framework of a previous agreement between Culture Minister Farouk Hosni and Ahmed Abul Ghelt, Minister of Foreign Affairs, seeking all diplomatic methods and approaches to display Nefertiti's bust in Egypt.

Hawass had asked the Germans last year to exhibit the bust, which was smuggled out of Cairo in 1913. The famous queen was the wife of King Akhenaten & former wife of AmunRamesses, who ruled Egypt 1300 BC.

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