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During the Persian Period, tribute was paid by the various satrapies in many different forms and depending on what each satrapy had to offer. It could be foodstuffs, livestock, horses, silver, gold dust, even feeding of the royal hounds. Diaspora Jews would have been taxed in order to help pay the demanded tribute of their regions, but contributions sent to the new temple in the Jerusalem of Israel was more of a voluntary tribute.

It would be interesting to know whether "Jews" living outside Egypt during the Egyptian, Assyrian, and Babylonian eras sent contributions (gold, silver, etc.) back to the "Jerusalem Temple" in Thebes. If this was the origin of the later Jewish tradition, it would have primarily been associated with wealthy nobles who were abroad doing the king's business (as opposed to local persons who may or may not have had any "discretionary income" and had to give from their flocks or fields).