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One of the more interesting passages is Leviticus 1:2:

"When any man of you brings an offering to the Eternal, you must make your offering from the livestock, from your herds and flocks."

CP: Your work on the Persians would have something to say about this, yes?

The above and the Tent where the offerings were taken announce that this community is a wandering, herding community. But who would then have flocks and herds? This is the issue. When "Jesus" discusses the "Widow's Mite", this is occurring in a money economy, where value of personal ownership of herds and flocks (to say nothing of "If any man of you...") has been replaced by its monetary equivalent. Money has replaced personal sacrifice of animals.

So this is given from a later date. The owners of herds in a migratory society would be a precious few. How then to give worship sacrifice when living in a settled society? "You must give this worship where I make my home, in Jerusalem. Not anywhere else, not Gerizim, but at the Temple I ordered to be built in Jerusalem." [[I paraphase...]]. This, then, is a statement of rulership. The few who make the sacrifices are the few who own the herds. It is their sacrifice that rules the populace.

Does this match with the Persian insertion of rulership that you see at the later dates?


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