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Ancient history is the web I unweave.

There wasn't a Bill Gates or Sam Walton or a host of other entrepreneurs that created "empires" in ancient times outside the royal family. Perhaps that is the appeal of the ancient world for me. It is less complicated.

There are no doubt still those who consider themselves heirs to the Hapsburg line, but I really don't see that as much of a factor in our modern economy. Wealth and influence are now maintained through a variety of networks rather than family inbreeding. We could all construct a royal ancestry for ourselves if we really wanted to. But again, this is not my area of concern presently.

If only a few are interested in ancient Persia, and how the history of that period is connected to both earlier and later periods, that's o.k. It's still something that needs to be figured out. If not now, then when? If not me, then by whom?