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Who was it…Spiderman…who said, “With great power comes great responsibility?”

Not that I have a dog in the fight but I did bother to download the “The Empire of the City” to at best; understand the conversation. The movie does indeed bounce from one extreme to the other but I did grasp the concept that the “Royal Family” does indeed still control every rotten thing that is going on today.

Come now Charles, Robert Rubin is the new chairman of Citigroup!

Any one who has kept track of the “Royal Family” knows that Goldman Sachs is top dog.

In our ancient Japanese culture we call this Shiatsu or finger pressure. I press here and you feel pain and if I press there you feel pleasure. “Gods Sheep” do not like pain and the simple movement of a thumb and a finger will put you to your knees.

I personally believe that modern students of the past can begin to live the past in the present because things have not really changed all that much.

Any illegal alien, criminal or outlaw can come to America and receive social welfare, education and human rights; yet all citizen of American do not and are also required to posses a passport to return to America if they travel to/ from Canada, Mexico or Puerto Rico.

It gets better! Who really runs the world is exactly what your forum is about because you have hit a nerve.

Persia 01 and 02 and I would guess that Persia 03 will not get much attention.

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