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Basically this is for my own benefit. When I read your comments on this topic, I thought I would look into it a bit further sometime. That was quite a while ago now! Anyhow, I felt something didn't add up with a comment you made in your reference essay, but it got complicated when I tried to sort it out in Strong's Concordance, so I put it aside at that time. Here is the part I had a problem with:

You said:
"The written form of Adon is infrequent, however, its limited usage is significant, especially in the first six books of the Bible (See under "LORD" in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance), where it is reserved for the following applications alone: Moses addresses God using the title Adon/Aten (Exodus 4:10,13; 5:22; 34:9; Numbers 14:17; Deuteronomy 3:23; 7:26; 10:17); Moses, himself, is addressed both by Aaron (Ex.32:22; Num.12:11) and by Joshua (Numbers 11:28) using the title Adon/Aten; and Joshua also addresses God using the title Adon/Aten (Joshua 5:14 b; 7:7). "

I was surprised at the comment that Adon had limited usage, but when I started checking Strongs I found there was confusion over the different forms of Adon/Adoni/Adonai etc. They seem to be broken down into mainly 2 groups - Strong's 0113 'Adon', also Strong's 0136 'Adonai' - and sometimes I found entries in one group that I would have expected to find in the other :P The references you have quoted are covered in both groups.

I decided to limit my search to entries that related to deity {note: forms of Adon (Strong's 0113) occur 335 times and forms of Adonai (Strong's 0136) occur 434 times.} I concentrated on Adon (0113) since it is the closest form to "Aten", but I also decided to look beyond the first six books. In addition to the ones you mention quoted above, I found the following (including the ones I quoted previously, for the sake of completion):

Exodus 23:17 and 34:23 Adon YHWH
Deuteronomy 10:17 and Psalm 136:3 YHWH - Adonei ha Adonim (Lord of Lords)
Joshua 3:11,13 the Adon of all the earth
1 Samuel 25:26 Abigail refers to YHWH as Adoni-chai (Lord of life)
Nehemiah 3:5, 8:10 & 10:29 refer to YHWH as Adonei (possessive form)
Psalm 8:1 & 9 use the same possesive form for YHWH
Psalm 97:5 YHWH - Adon of all the earth
Psalm 110:1 YHWH directs Adon to sit at his right(?)
Psalm 114:7 [YHWH] Adon - deity of Jacob
Psalm 135:5 YHWH our Adon is above all gods
Psalm 147:5 [YHWH] Adonei mighty in power
Isaiah 1:24, 3:1, 10:16, 19:4 the Adon YHWH Sabaoth (YHWH of hosts)
Isaiah 26:13 other Adonim (plural of Adon) besides YHWH
Isaiah 51:22 "Thus says your Adon YHWH..."
Micah 4:13 YHWH is the Adon of all the earth
Zechariah 1:9, 4:4-5, 13-14, 6:5 - Zechariah calls a celestial being 'Adon' and refers to the Adon of all the earth
Hosea 12:14 Ephraim's Adon will punish him
Daniel 10:16-19 Daniel speaks to the Archangel Michael as Adoni
Malachi 1:6 YHWH Sabaoth (YHWH of hosts) says "If I be Adon, where is my fear?"
Malachi 3:1 says "Then suddenly the Adon who you are seeking will come into his temple" (Adon/Aten in the sunrise?)

Understood in conjunction with Malachi 1:6, Malachi 4:2 says "But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings." Therefore Malachi connects this fearing of the name of YHWH of hosts with the sun of righteousness, and Adon/Aten.

The references in Isaiah to "the Adon" YHWH of hosts in particular seem to show that Adon is being used as a title, as you have pointed out about this word also. At the moment I'm thinking that possibly "the Aten" was used as a title in Egypt too, separate from a hidden name known only to the priesthood and the king maybe? Ive often read that the deity was not the sun disk Aten itself, but that the Aten only represented the energy of the deity as rays of light. I'll continue to look into it from time to time. There is no doubt that sun imagery is a big feature in the bible, and it is a topic that I'm looking into closely.

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