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MM,whom ever he or she is?, wrote;

"Undiminished, the ruling house always wins! (The people will never stick together) They will pay $5.00 for gas, 24% interest rates, and 1000% for Cancer Treatment and like “Joseph” and his coat of many colors; the American population will sell their children’s future into slavery to pay for the Invisible War."

Just what "Invisible War" do you speak of? Is it the war against anti-Christian and anti-Jewish Americans? The only so called "medieval" peoples alive today, with a religious "pogram", look it up if you will, against those mentioned above are the "facist" Islamic radicals!

Sorry, I should have inserted a "period!"

For the most part they are uneducated, except in religiously inflamed Islamic schools, and they hold long standing grudges against their next door neighbors, etc.! Certainly this area of the world resembles more the hodgepoge conglomeration of "petty" grievances of the former Republic of Yugoslavia, than anything else?

Cannot all of us face it? These people, because of their real or imagined, grievances of the past, will disdane or ignor common sense, and willfully murder former neighbors, because of some insane Iman, or priest!


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