Bewildered Beast

Actually, I like the part about “It was always members of one (very large) family lording it over the various regions”.

It really does add up when you think of the elite being sons of Adam and everyone else being the sons of men. God makes Adam to lord over the animals, the land and the tax payers.

Tithing, the so-called voluntary contribution to the religious institution is blood brother to voluntary compliance contributions to the federal institution.

It appears that our friend Abraham is seen as a precursor to the tithing, linked to spoils of War being given to Melchi-Zedek the priest/prince of Salem. Compounded next with Abraham being royal kinsmen to the “sons of terror”; you almost have the makings of the modern “IRS” that operates outside of common law and uses fear to control “Gods Sheep”.

I (as to myself) must bend the knee to such great insight. To think that we have been tricked all our lives.

It has become most clear why main stream historians give little…to no credit to free thinkers who desire to spread enlightenment to the less spirited sort.

They run from tree to tree with mirrors as “un” patriots forcing you to see what they want you to see and if per chance you come upon a “Charles type” they would simply send in clouds of smoke and name calling to belittle the issue & befuddle the masses.

Undiminished, the ruling house always wins! (The people will never stick together) They will pay $5.00 for gas, 24% interest rates, and 1000% for Cancer Treatment and like “Joseph” and his coat of many colors; the American population will sell their children’s future into slavery to pay for the Invisible War.

Charles, I totally respect your desire to restrict ourselves to the ancient examples rather than the modern ones but at your pleasure, thought it important enough to bring to light that the same tricks used in the past are still at work in present times.

I would venture to guess that 75% of the literate population; believe 98% of what they are told! “Wildebeest” find safety in numbers and accept their reality that only 10% will be snatched by the crocodiles and lions.

“If the Gnu fits…wear it”.

PS: Great topic…With teacher in charge…would greatly enjoy listening to any and all positive contributions that relate to the past!

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