Abraham among the "Sons of Heth"
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The charts vary mostly according to absolute dating/chronology. The timeline has continued to shrink with more study.

For the Old Kingdom two alternative chronologies are offered. The most extreme/compressed is based on an association between Sargon I (of Babylon) and Pepi I (of Egypt). The Persian Period chart (33) gives three dating systems. The first is the standard chronology. The second is a compressed chronology based on an overlap between the Assyrian and Babylon periods. The third is an even more compressed chronology based on overlap of Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian periods.

After we finish the study of the Persian Period it should be possible to derive a more accurate chronology for the entire period before Christ (BC).

The Hyksos ruling house was no different than the Assyrian or any other. It was always members of one family lording it over the various regions.

Abraham found himself among the "sons of Heth", literally the "son of terror" (who were also his royal kinsmen).

The use of terror clearly goes back to time immemorial. It is prevalent in mythology and in every generation of the following dynastic period. For a small number of people to become and remain masters over the many, they must make use of deception and fear.