Turning Heads and Troubling Evidence

Is it just a coincidence that the official story of ancient Egypt and the current official story of 911…both appear to be manipulated cover-ups?

You…better than anyone knows that religion, royal family links, control, power and gain come from the dissemination of mis-information.

Scholars, such as yourself are labeled as kooks or nuts or whackos every time you attempt to bring Oxygen into an atmosphere of total Carbon Monoxide.

As an ODD comparison, I had noticed that the school buses that pick the children up for school often change their route number; kind of like the mail man does but the tag number on the vehicle remains the same.

But let’s say for example that school route “0011” was assigned to tag number “N334AA” and the bus and all 94 students vanished in an act of violence and none of the children were ever heard of again!

Magically, two years later the bus driver is found living a comfortable life in Arizona and the bus is for sale in Washington, DC; because no one bothered to look at the “VIN” (Vehicle identification Number).

When you Charles and other like you look deeper into the subject you discover the most amazing things because you do not take no for an answer.

This is no fooling! Serial number #22332 one 1987 Boeing 767-223ER former tail number N334AA flight 0011 is FOR SALE.(How is this possible?)

Atlas Aviation: Ronni Chowdry
1425 K Street NW Suite 350
20005 - Washington DC District of Columbia USA
Phone : 202-607-7689 Fax : 202-318-0490

Serial Number 22332 Type Registration Corporation
Manufacturer Name BOEING Certificate Issue Date 01/06/2000
Model 767-223 Mode S Code 50722254
Year Manufacturer 1987 Cancel Date 01/14/2002
Reason for Cancellation DESTROYED Exported To

According to Bureau of Transportation Statistics the darn plane never took of and the flight itself never existed.

This is a good trick!

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