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There are quite a few people who feel that "global warming" is a scam, like many SCIENTIFIC issues are. Just as religion used to be the primary way to control the very thoughts of large numbers of humans, in recent years "science" has become the preferred tool for "mind control." Not that ALL science is propaganda. But some science obviously is.

Do you remember learning in grade school about how there were ICE ages, and the then there were periods that were NOT ice ages? That, in fact, the Earth is ALWAYS either getting warmer or colder.

That is a geological FACT.

There is a lot of recent info on the internet about how the solar cyles (or, simply solar activity of some kind) is probably the cause of the earth warming right now.

For humans to think that they can do something to actually prevent the natural planetary temperature cycles is, well, nonsensical.

That does not mean that the powers that be won't use the idea of "global warming" to cause all kinds of mischief that furthers their goals :)

For anyone who didn't know (I just learned about it), as recently as the '70's the scientists were all worried about global COOLING.