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I appreciate you enthusiastic response!

I just was making conversation. You really are more a "nitty gritty" facts and historical data kind of guy Charles, and I was just bringing up the curious case of "patriarchs" remarrying and going on to live happy lives. I wondered if this was a kind of inspiring message that maybe the bible trys to tell us (for those who divorce).

The following link was where I thought on this issue of remarriage;

"The story then states for the first time that Abimelech, his wife, and household, had previously been punished for Abimelech's mistake concerning Sarah, by being made infertile; suggesting that Sarah had remained Abimelech's wife for quite some time before God visited him and corrected his error."

That paragraph implies that if Sarah was married to Abraham, then she was taken away by a Pharoah and forced to marry him...when she left the Pharoah did she reemarry Abraham (thus being her THIRD marriage)??

Also, don't forget the Hindu word for the Zodiac is "Rama" so these "patriarchs" are playing some sort of game we can be sure(and I'm sure it's not a very "respectable" game).

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