Did Jesus Remarry?
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GF, I absolutely love this question! Most have never ventured beyond the question of "Did Jesus Marry?". I think you are right in the sense that the choice of a first marriage was not Mary's, but the decision to remarry as an older and more influential royal woman could have been.

The union between Jesus (Aristobulus III) and Mary Magdalene (Salome) would have been a typical royal "open marriage". She would have been "free" at some point in her life to attempt other "bonds". Yet, there doesn't appear to be any children of Mary Magdalene by other royal partners (besides John the Baptist, who preceded Jesus). This is in contrast to the mother of Jesus, who had children by many different "husbands". She most closely followed the ancient pattern of the Egyptian "God's Wife of Amen".

The epithet "Helen" is applied to these Herodian "Queen Bees", which certainly included Mariamne II/Glaphyra/Pallas (Mary) the mother of Aristobulus III (Jesus), but probably also to Salome (Mary Magdalene), and to the daughter of Salome, in her turn. No doubt the royal women competed for this distinction as hotly as the men did for the status of "Great King".

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