The Mysteries of 2012 - Predictions, Prophesies...
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Spent a "happy hour" in Borders book store and came across this new title.

I suppose 2012 could provide a rallying point for change, but I may have already been through one too many youth movements.

The crux of the 2012 speculation seems to be that every 13,000 years (give or take), the center of our galaxy becomes more active and thereby visible in the night sky between Saggitarius and Scorpio. It is referred to as the sudden re-appearance of the 13th Zodiacal sign, the so-called constellation of Ophiuchus. Mankind has supposedly witnessed four or five of these events called "Suns". It is even suggested that the 13,000 year wobble of the earth is tuned to this "galactic heartbeat".

Well, if nothing else, 2012 hype will sell books. Heck, maybe I'll be able to get my brand to market by then!

Lord, come slowly!