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Now that I've thought about it, it is more the female "adulterer"/"divorcee" that we hear more about (is this a male oriented religion conspiracy again?). Sarah and Abraham for example. Sarah was a wife of a king, and then pretends to be the sister of her true love(Abraham) in order to secretly be with him and then become his wife. Are these the "Scarlet letter" women?

Especially the Greek myths and their depictions of female gods being either raped while married or having an affair...

In the end I basically always reduce down these "complications/divorces" to intentional "fine writing" or tactics employed with the sole intention of justifiying "incest" or "child molestation/marrying your own daughter" etc.

Did Jesus remarry? It depends on what vows could he have taken as a child...was he "married to god" at a young age? Just philosophical and as usual esoteric wonderings!

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