Paul and Spain
In Response To: Paul and Titus ()

From Corinth (Greece), Paul wrote to the "Romans" promising to visit them on his way to Spain after first going to Jerusalem. See Rom. 15:24, 28.

Paul kept this promise, but his plans of continuing on to Spain were delayed (due to his appealing to Caesar).

If Paul was Galba, then he in fact did eventually make his way to Spain, for that is where Galba began the revolution against Casear (Nero) with the support of Marcus Salvinus Otho and Titus Vinius Rufinus.

In this case, Titus Vinius appears to be a member of the Titus Flavius Sabinus family. The father of Vespatian, the brother of Vespatian, the son of Vespatian, and the nephew of Vespatian, all had Titus and/or Sabinus as part of their names. (Vinius is close in form to Sabinus).

One must then also wonder if Marcus Salvinus was not Paul's closest companion in his final years, Silas.