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In my list of pairings I forgot to add that Judas (Son of Simon) would be paired with Peter making Paul again the possible Judas or "Simon Magus".

Anyways, Peter is very significant in these mythologys so I'm glad this thread had some response.

All of you know the basic dualities and trinities to help convey the basic story.

Good stuff. Fun to read. Charles Pope could give a good background to real history. I prefer finding the parallels and I feel there is a "two system" tracking of linear time since there's always two measurements to any equation although I feel true hyperdimensional physics cannot happen (the reason why zero has always been considered "impossible" to religions. I feel only 99.99999etc. efficiency is possible. In other words, I'm more into Jesus as esoteric as the Muslims and basically most other religions have found the concept to be. I could be considered a more Protestant Christian.) - my favourite reality measuring stick being the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle (Star Trek needed it for its teleporters hehe) that basically states that the measurer effects whats being measured...

So one day maybe we will rename an epoch with two different letters and this epoch fits into the appropriate period where the charted comets and planets were recorded. This "revision" could align a future "planet" or "comet" we encounter to use as a "test subject".

This is all scientific and diplomatic stuff. Good luck keeping it all straight!