Tut's Wagon Attack

It can be deduced from Biblical accounts that a terminally ill Tut/Elisha was attacked by a rival prince ("lion") and somewhat brutally killed - although subsequently he was rather lovingly buried! Whether Tut/Elisha was cruising in a chariot at the time the attack through the streets of Thebes (original Jerusalem), or rather on a donkey, remains to be settled. Later tradition places him on a donkey, because he was too sick/frail/"gentle" to ride anything else. But I've seen people ride donkeys in Egypt. That doesn't look particularly comfortable either! The donkey tradition may be typecasting from even earlier history at the time of Moses and Balaam (Hammurabi and Yasmah Adad). See:

In other words, the chariot may have taken the place of a donkey as the primary royal transport for the new Balaam, Tut.

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