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Thanks Charles.


"The parallel between the "seven sealings" found in Paul's writings and the seven seals of Revelation is also magnificent, however a better argument would be that Paul's existing works were "cherry picked" by the author of Revelation."

That is a very good point. Thanks for bringing it up.

However, I wonder if you have reasons to justify your "better argument" ?

WHY is it more likely?

Also, what is the author of Revelation GETTING by doing that? What statement is he making? To whom? In other words, why bother? It does not seem (to me) to MEAN anything to anyone, except the author. Which does not rule out the idea. I assume you have some ideas here.

I am not claiming to know anything here.

This simply has the potential to be an important issue. Your point is a good one. I want to understand it in full.

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