The Magic of Magi
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Don't get overly preoccupied with the "business of names". You'll miss the fallen trees in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest for the leaves.

The important thing to glean from the visit of the Magi to Bethlehem is that the royal family of the Near East dominated life from India to Ireland.

Herod, an eminent member of that royal family, was orchestrating a publicity stunt. Imagine the people of Judaea thrilling to the news (or even a glimpse) of "foreign" kings parading through the region on their way to pay hommage to the future "king of the Jews"! Speculation about royalty would have been every bit as popular (if not much more so) then as now. They were the mega-celebrities of their day. What else did they have to talk about before television!

No doubt Herod also had other "kings" report to Parthia/Persia, India, and Arabia to acknowledge the birth of their new savior as well.