Who is Prince Michael of Daniel?

Michael is the angelic equivalent of tribal prince Judah. See the following post:

Michael is also the angelic equivalent of Patriarchal Mehushael/Methuselah. See the following book chart:

Michael would represent a high-ranking prince in the Book of Daniel (Chapter 10:13, 21 & 12:1), and one that specifically was typecast as Judah/Horus the Elder within the royal family of that time.

The symbology of a "Rock" generally associates with the "Issachar" typecasting rather than Judah.

In Daniel Chapter 2 (reign of Nebuchadrezzar) there is also a Judah figure called Arioch, but he is probably not the same historical person as "prince Michael" found later in Daniel (reign of Cyrus), although the time separation is not nearly as large as commonly presumed.

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