Re: A Mighty Fortress is Our Herodion

Dear Charles

Sorry for the incorrect information, our family is according to "The
House of Names"related to the Italian Pauline family.I asume the Popes
of the Catholic Church are somehow related to this family as they all
change their names to Paul.
I researched the Bran pedigree and found the family tie between the
Merovingian kings and the Kings of Cornwall(through) King Lear and
Saint Anne.This is very nicely explained by Sir Laurence in his book
Mary Magdalene/Notre Dame in French.
However still no information on Paul,s children with Tamar,Jesus
daughter with Mary Magdalene.However of the other children the now
everything.This makes no sense that they know so little of their own
Patron Saint or West Minister.Unless this information is jeolously
gaurded in Saint Paul's Cathedral or by the Vatican to protect his
Virgin Status.
I am following another clue on the 3 Magi(Kings of the East) Their
names keep on popping up in my family tree eg.Balthazar and Melchoir.

Thank you once again for all your input.


Dirk van Rensburg