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Laurence Gardner also incorrectly associates Joseph of Arimathea with St. James, but I still very much respect his research.

To understand how Joseph of Arimathea is associated with Herod Antipas (and the Roman prince Drusus Julius Caesar son of Tiberius), you'll need to review the following:

Continue with reading the below posts to catch you up with the rest of us.

Only one royal daughter of Drusus Julius Caesar is known. She was called Julia and was married to Rubellius Blandus. Interestingly enough, Blan(dus) is quite similar to Bran/Bron.

A connection between the names Blandus and Blaesus was also previously suspected. I'm now thinking that the two names are also linked in the Celtic "Bran the Blessed". Quoting from a previous post:

Anthony Barrett (Agrippina, p 233) also mentions a "new man" Q. Junius Blaesus (consul suffect of 10 AD), who was the uncle of the conniving steward of Tiberius named Sejanus. (Compare Sejanus and Junius.) Junius and Sejanus were forced into suicide in 36 AD. Perhaps not coincidentally, the Herodians Herod Phillip I & II also died at that time. This Q. Junius Blaesus was the father of another Q. Junius Blaesus, who may have been married to Domitia for a time, and he was in turn the father or uncle of yet another Junius Blaesus that figured in the dynastic struggle of 69 AD. The name Blaesus appears to be a variant of the name (Rubellius) Blandus and that of his son (Rubellius) Plautus. Plautus was exiled in 60 AD and then supposedly killed in 62 AD, because he was a prominent descendant of Tiberius Caesar and Vipsania (daughter of Marcus Agrippa) and therefore a threat to Nero.

I misquoted Laurence Gardner earlier. It is Arviragus whose death Gardner places in 74 AD and not Bran's. I didn't find a date (by Gardner) for Bran's death in his 'Bloodline of the Holy Grail'.

The interesting thing about Arviragus is that he married a daughter of Emperor Claudia named Genuissa in 45 AD by whom he became father of King Marius (again according to Laurence Gardner, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, p 197).

Claudius is known to have had two royal daughters, Octavia and Claudia Antonia. If I recall correctly, Claudia Antonia was married to Pompeius Magnus about 45 AD, and we have already associated Pompeius Magnus with our Paul/Simon Magus/Lazarus! After the disgrace of Pompeius Magnus, Claudia Antonia later married Sulla Felix (consul of 52 AD). Octavia later married Caesar Nero.

So, it seems that Genuissa is a good match with Claudia Antonia and Arviragus with Pompeius Magnus/Paul!! Compare also Marius and Marcion the "successor" of Paul.

Similarly Bran the Blessed of Siluria seems to be a son of John the Baptist (Herod Phillip II), perhaps even the prince known as Herodion (the likely progenitor of the future emperors Trajan and Hadrian). Siluria is similar in form to Silanus, a family name consistently paired with Junius ("John") in Rome. The Junius Silanus clan was considered second only to the ruling house of the Julio-Claudians. One of their members, Marcus Junius Silanus was consul of 46 AD and deprived 54 AD. Laurence Gardner has Caractacus (brother of Arviragus) rising to power in 46 AD and falling in 54 AD.

Well, that's a good start on tracing the lines of Jesus, John the Baptist, and Paul into the Medieval world.

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