Re: Paul the (Sometimes) Celibate Father?

Dear Ronald

You are possibly right, I may not be a decendant of Jesus or even

a decendant of Saint Paul.

However if Paul was married as Sir Laurence stated the chances are

very good that he fathered, at least one child and have some decendants.

Contraceptives are only used in our modern day.

Unless Sir Laurence was mistaken, then a public apology would suffice.
Otherwise the opinion of Charles as an expert genealogist,to contradict Sir Laurence would set the record straight.
However his silence on this matter speaks fot itself.

But even if Paul as per Charles Pope had a relationship with someone else.He would still have ofspring.Where are they?

You are also right about other Paul and Saul surnames.But statistically, how many have both?

I also would like to comment an the Latterday Saints.
I think their records are fantastic and is al based on microfilm stored in Salt Lake City.As Saints they are bound to the truth and
I trust their information.


Dirk van Rensburg