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dear CW, has this to say about one statement from our "Tranquil" writer;

"Suetonius describes an incident that would become one of the most memorable of the entire book. Caesar was captured by pirates in the Mediterranean Sea." Interestingly, if not related, it seems our famous Columbus is also reported to have been, if not captured, cast adrift into the Med. Sea, after a ship he was on was attacked and captured by pirates!

The Wiki article goes on to also say;

"In the ninth century Einhard modelled himself on Suetonius in writing the Life of Charlemagne, even borrowing phrases from Suetonius' physical description of Augustus in his own description of the character and appearance of Charlemagne." Hmm? Caesar and Charles the Gross?

Also, maybe of value to your post, there also exists a hymn called "Just as I Am!", or at least that is a refrain within the hymn!



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