I finally got to see Part II of the "God's Gold" episode.

Part II does in fact start with the new temple/museum of the Jews in Rome where the ritual objects from Jerusalem were first showcased, which was euphemistically called the "Temple of Peace". From there the program follows the trail from Rome to Carthage to Constantinople and then back again to Jersualem (at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre). This progression of the objects is reasonably well documented and non-controversial, although the program continues to hype up the importance of these objects as "God's Gold" that was "looted/stolen" by the Romans.

The ritual objects are next said to have been secreted at the Greek Orthodox monastery of Theodosius (in the modern day West Bank of Israel) to avoid capture by Arabs in the 7th Century AD. Although I like the irony of such a sequence of events, the claim that they not only were placed there but remained there for 1500 years is far less credible. Though the History Channel huffs and puffs, the monks of Theodosius refuse to open their door, so it is concluded that the monastery has something to hide!

I suppose it is a moot point. How would you prove that any relics produced by antiquity dealers or even monks or the Vatican itself were genuine? And as we now know, such objects were not holy but merely symbols of an ancient cult (read: "mind control") group. Like the cattle on a thousand hills they belonged to Caesar, and were ultimately "rendered unto Caesar".

Some further interesting commentary here:

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