Paul Be Jammin' (in the Name of the Lord)
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Sir Dirk,

Here at DomainOf(Yeah-)Mon, we be all of thee 12 tribes and sprung from RastaJesus and dee Magdalene!

It was actually Josephus that named Saulus as a "brother" of Costbarus and member of the "royal family".

My research makes Saulus/Paul the true son of Antipater son (by Doris) of Herod the Great. Within the Roman royal family Herod the Great corresponds to Tiberius Claudius Nero the first husband of Livia Drusilla (Herodian Doris).

Within the Herodian family, Paul was called Phasaelus son of Queen Pallas. As a Roman he was called Cn Pompeius Magnus and possibly also Aemillius Paullus. He was governor of Egypt under the name Paulinus and governor of Capros under the name Sergius Paullus. He had many other regional identities. See the recent discussion at the Caesar's Messiah forum.

I post there under the name Mr. Prancer (from the tribe of Naphreulunjamin).