Survivor: Jerusalem


I still suspect that the two crucifixion scenarios are somehow linked. It's another one of those Josephus-Gospel parallels. As with other parallels it makes a comparison between two distinct time periods. In the earlier period, it is Aristobulus III that emerges as the chosen Jesus. At least two rival Jesus figures fall by the wayside. Similarly, in the later time period, Vespatian and Titus triumph over their own contemporary rivals.

In extra-biblical traditions Jesus also survives death on the cross or avoids it by use of a substitute.

Perhaps Titus loitered at the Temple for three days to signify that he was himself a kind of Jesus survivor. But there were still other survivors of the recurring royal ordeal, namely the sons of Salome/Mary Magdalene - Josephus son of Aristobulus III being one, and Herodion son of Aristobulus III (or Phillip II/John the Baptist) being another. At the end of the Flavian dynasty they would "rise again".

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