Charles is an Original thinker
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A link should only be used to support a statement or be added as a reference to more details.

In reality “gf”…you are not the “ones” being looked upon.

If posters wish to self promote them-selves they should do it quickly, only once, get it over with and not do it every time they post.

Oh…look at me!!!! No over here!!!

Also, it is well understood that “Wikipedia” does exist and even the most “simple-minded” observers know where to find it.

It is not necessary to prove to the world that you have no mind of your own and point to Wikipedia as your teddy bear.

I do not believe that Charles has ever relied upon “Wikipedia” to support his thoughts.

Charles is an original thinker He will answer only if he feels he should. This action does not make him right nor does it make him wrong, it only makes him “Not the same” as others.

the gods love wisdom.

Hum…time will tell.

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