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No,not this time.
The point of this exercise is precisely the opposite. It is to find the more mundane in the godlike to see where the origins came from.

That is why the statements stood out to me. Galba is doing something that the Roman Patricians have stopped doing: Galba greets his staff every morning and evening one by one. He is unique in doing this.

Now: Is this true? Is it true that this habit has been dropped? Consider this datum as a marker. The successor to Nero sits and "judges" his staff. He has Ultimate State Power. He can order anyone killed at any time (Read the end of Galba in Suetonius as to where his head was tossed.) Yet this is presented in a rather kindly fashion.

It would be easy to transport this into a set piece in symbolism to White Throne Judgement of the elect at the End of the Age for those who will survive the Second Death. The kindly god talks to each of the elect one by one as they move into eternal life serving him.

I'm not looking for the spectacular here. No drugged wine. No visions. CP is tracking the Symbology of these developments and the empirical data is in the transference of the godlike to Vespasian. It is another reason why the end of the Osiris/Horus motif must be corrected by Vespasian and Titus in their favor.

And by the time Suetonius is collecting his material, it may not even be realized that the suppression of Galba has been answered. By Galban loyalists.