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Presently I am disabled, to a point. Had a stoke and recouped myself. LIterally. Love study. I am self taught and study everything. I can see the connection of many things that a lot of people think are not at all connected. But as you know history and things flow like a river. I was very satisfied with the study of your work. Yes the mind is the thing that I almost worship. Many are college taught but so few are wise or learned. I have studied almost everything with out being facitious. I study interaction of peoples through the ages. Our politics based on our ancient religions and not accepted now as the problem of politics. There are I have always thought differences in people whether they are races or what but different never the less. Much of this I "knew" when very young in late grammer school. Dont know why. My father saw forward and always spoke with me as I were an adult even when 3 yrs old. I credit him with my interests. He saw way ahead of things. Once told me the world would be over populated and they would scoop us up and make dog food of us. I was early teens at the time. I think he would have said food for the other humans but he talked to women and girls nicely. Later I saw Solent Green with Carlton Heston and gasped. I am so interested in everything that I simply bore people and they say so. I counter with isn't it exciting such n such and they just roll the eyes. You must be rather I would say not psychic as such but a Knower. Did that direct you in your studies. I have always desired a degree but I study anyway on my own. I have attended University but no masters. I also enjoy economics and find it very attractive to my mind. Ancient times forward and to the popular belief system of it. Some much wrong.

I am full Scott of Clan Scott Some peoples come decended from a tribal type of knower so some things are in our genetic code. Tell me about yourself now. I do love this world and it is so beautiful even in it's ruin. Yes I do believe that there are ancient differences in we peoples and wonder what the Later Day Saints-Morman have found in their search of the world's DNA.

Tell me about you a real mind impresses me. Of course the Nazi had great minds but so tunneled in their thought and who knows what they really thought. Had no mind but scientific which just wants cause and effect. Here we are to fragile for such strong actions as humans break easily. That is why it has taken so long to come to the small place we call civilization.

Just being here is a challange. Go well Let me know about you as not many to interact with mentally.

Is that conceit. No People are afraid of the mind, religiously afraid of it.

Please be kind to elreb Rea Scott

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